A Pre-Christmas Promotion LIKE THE WORLD HAS NEVER SEEN!

A Pre-Christmas Promotion LIKE THE WORLD HAS NEVER SEEN!

On the other side of November, Christmas awaits. It glances flirtatiously at us, a gruff Santa Claus advertising Coca-Cola and the classic ‘Last Christmas’ song playing everywhere, evoking the seductive scent of the Christmas markets. The pervasive atmosphere of Christmas seeping into  November can’t be avoided – but why try? Let it come! Now is the best time to start PLANNING A WONDERFUL GIFT LIST! After all, you don't want to be part of the shopping centre frenzy on Christmas Eve, right? 

As you might have guessed by now, we’ve prepared something great for you, something that will keep that wonderful, festive mood with you right through to the end of December – even without snow, Christmas trees and reindeer’s bells! So here they are, our 2016 CHRISTMAS SETS, all at sensational prices you can’t afford not to buy:

a) No additional constraints (BUT: ONLY WHILE STOCKS LAST!)

b) With Registered Customer status (10% off the retail price) 

c) With Partner status (40% off the retail price)

d) With Unlogged Client status (retail price)

e) Directly from your online stores (not as a reward) 

f) No need to reach an order value of 50 VP!

For each set ordered, we’ll add a special gift package! 

How? Give your loved ones a sense of luxury this Christmas! 

C-olway Vitamin & Total Man

Set includes Vitamin C for half price.

C-olway Vitamin & Total Woman

Set includes Vitamin C for half price.

Collaceina, Colamid & Omega

Set includes Calamid free of charge.

C-olway Vitamin, Total Man & Total Woman

Set includes Vitamin C free of charge.

3 x C-olway Vitamin

Set includes a third Vitamin C for half price.

3 x Collaceina

Set includes the third Collaceina for half price.

All-in-one Set x 2 Eco Cleaner:

Set includes 2 products for a price of 1.

Natural Set: Shampoo and Conditioner

  • Shampoo for PLN 20
  • EUR 5 
  • GBP 4
  • CZK 120

Hydro Set: Night Cream and Lotion 

  • Lotion for PLN 30
  • EUR 10 
  • GBP 6
  • CZK 180

Force Set: Complete Cream, Cleansing Gel, Hair Cream 

  • Gel Wash for PLN 1
  • EUR 1
  • GBP 1
  • CZK 10
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